Doll Party #11

 Here is one of my ball jointed dolls, a Fancyboots Liebchen named Enara. Fancyboots was a doll of North American origin with a small production run. Not the most poseable or articulated of… Continue reading

Doll Party! #10

This drawing is from a photograph of two of my dolls when they just had heads, before suitable bodies were located. Fom the company known as MSDoll (formerly KooDoll), the guy on the… Continue reading

Doll Party! #9

Wow, this is a sweet Volks Lady Sylvie with a gothy custom faceup! Sylvie is an old Volks SD, who had kind of hinky knees, so you most often see her with a… Continue reading

Doll Party! #8

This dreamy character is a Dollshe Saint named Israfel. He is the “OE” (open eyes) style. The bodies on the Dollshe boys vary (the whole line is being discontinued and presumably revamped), but… Continue reading

Doll Party! #7

This doll was Bero, an Hypermaniac Na-Hu, on the first day he arrived at my house. He didn’t keep this wig, or those cool red ‘demon’ eyes, and eventually went to live with… Continue reading

Doll Party! #6

Some of the early Volks molds like the Mini Super Dollfie Nagisa, have this totally pristine anime style appearance that I totally love. This girl has a custom faceup and cool ‘machine eyes’.

Doll Party! #5

The Hypermaniac Omicron masquerading as the Hero of Canton, is named Lander, and he is mine. If, the house was on fire, after the people, cats and tablets… well, you get the picture.… Continue reading

Doll Party! #4

                                                                 … Continue reading

Doll Party! #3

This goofy looking three-eyed fellow is a Latidoll Red Line Chaim. He has very white skin (there was a tan version called Adel who was a rare free prize), and a sweet gentle… Continue reading

Doll Party! #2

Here we have a Serendipty Sharmin of the goth Boding Boding style. She is what’s called the ‘slim mini’ style, about 42cm, with bone white resin. This version of Sharmin is no longer… Continue reading