About Doll Party!, Art-O-Mat, & Juana Moore

Doll Party! is a limited series of hand drawn portraits of dolls, from my collection as well as other dolls I’ve known and admired. Some of the pictures might look like actual people, because many of the dolls are of the resin cast, Asian ball jointed variety, and quite realistic.

This series is for the Art-O-Mat machines, with a planned production of at least one hundred unique designs. Doll Party! is my third series for Art-O-Mat, Penciled In and Queens O’ Scream! are previous projects. My pieces have vended from machines at the Smithsonian, the Whitney, the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, all three Michigan ‘Mats, and many more. With over 100 machines across the USA and even more participating artists, the Art-O-Mat vending bots have something for everyone.

Juana Moore is a visual artist, toymaker, and collector. Completed projects and news are collected on her blog, Clea’s Cave.