Doll Party! #17

DP#17This is a Volks Mini Super Dollfie girl I call Arantxa. Her head mold is the Margaret/Rock, available as a kit doll to people who take a Volks how-to customizing class.  Thes heads are known as ‘school’ heads, though in this case, the whole doll was sold to students.Arantxa was originally a ‘Rock’, the male version of this kit. At the same time he arrived, my MSD Toppi came home. The plan was supposed to be, swap the bodies on these two guys, so I’d have a Toppi boy named Patxi. Then sell the ‘Margaret’. But I was always fond of this mold, and by the time the change was made I knew she was staying with me. Her faceup was done by the customizer who sold her to me, but i wiped some of it and enhanced it a bit to make her suit this character. She loves toys, and in this drawing is holding a tiny Tracey Gallup doll.