Doll Party! #14

Izarra was my first Asian ball jointed doll, so she has a special place in my heart. Her mold is called Yeondu, from the Korean company Dollstown. She measures around 60cm, and I bought her second hand from eBay when she’d been in production maybe six months to a year. Dollstown makes dolls with a slightly more realistic look than some other companies, perhaps in part because the heads are not completely symmetrical, though they appear so at a casual glance. This makes them fun and challenging to paint. Izarra is now a deathlike greenish-grey, a result of the unstable resins common in early BJD castings. Any of the resins used to make this type of doll can become discolored due to UV exposure or other environmental factors, but when this girl came home she was already greening. If you ordered a DT Yeondu today, she would be cast from a much more stable material. This portrait is from a photo I took after repainting her faceup to look less sad. Yes, she used to look more sad than this!