Doll Party! #21

This hottie is an ElfDoll Nabee, a 60cm ElfDoll Ryung with half closed eyes and white skin. She was originally sold to my friend with a beautiful kimono, but as you can see,… Continue reading

Doll Party! #20

This girl is a 60cm CustomHouse St.Mina v2, ‘sad’ Mina. One of the Korean company’s ‘event’ dolls, she was a limited tie-in to the “Doll Master” horror film. She was released with an… Continue reading

Doll Party! #19

I’d venture to say that the Korean company LatiDoll is better known for its line of tiny and SD size dolls, but the ‘Blue Line’, about 42cm with a slimmer, more mature build… Continue reading

Doll Party! #18

This little 25cm elf has a long commercial name – Bambicrony Misty Blue Kumi Elf! I call her Lamia. She has a greenish-blue resin color, and an aftermarket faceup by an unknown customizer,… Continue reading

Doll Party! #17

This is a Volks Mini Super Dollfie girl I call Arantxa. Her head mold is the Margaret/Rock, available as a kit doll to people who take a Volks how-to customizing class.  Thes heads… Continue reading

Doll Party! #16

  This girl is my friend’s Dollstown Soph, Ealasaid. She has elfin ears and a very articulated body, which can kneel and pose in many ways ball jointed dolls typically cannot. Soph has… Continue reading

Doll Party! #15

Hm, Tristan, what an awesome little guy! He belongs to a friend of mine, and is, I think, a LatiDoll Laches. He measures about 9.5cm, like many Latis, has an humongous head, and… Continue reading

Doll Party! #14

Izarra was my first Asian ball jointed doll, so she has a special place in my heart. Her mold is called Yeondu, from the Korean company Dollstown. She measures around 60cm, and I… Continue reading

Doll Party! #13

These two tiny guys (10-12cm) are a vampire from Korea and a zombie from China. Lili is an Orientdoll So-Ye vampire, and Tipi is an one-of-a-kind zombie Near from DD-Anne. Their size and… Continue reading

Doll Party! #12

This Volks Mini Super Dollfie head is sold on a female body, and called Toppi. My boy, named Patxi, has an MSD boy’s body. Toppi is a really charming mold with a more toddler-type appearance… Continue reading